Double Harmony Infrared Saunas


Our Double Harmony Sauna best fits two so bring along some company to enjoy the space and design that Double Harmony has to offer. Whether you are bringing a friend along to relax or want some extended privacy, the Double Harmony is a perfect fit for those who want that extra space.

3 Persons
8mm Safety glass
With Double Harmony you safety is our utmost concern, so we’ve built in 8mm safety glass instead of the Australian sauna standard of 6mm.
Fit for All
Our standard 210cm height for all Sauna, gives you the space you need in comparison to the common standard of 180cm for other saunas
Lush lighting
Whether you after a luminous glow or a aesthetic pastel, our colour-changing globes will set the mood for any occasion.
Privacy Screen
an upgrade in privacy with a built in unique privacy screen to avert curious eyes.
Control with ease
Our multi-function control unit is simple and easy to use – you could do it with your eyes closed.
Mediation Mode
Relax with privacy and focus on the gentle laps of the waves or some smooth-jazz, with our Bluetooth connectivity system, you can play whatever you fancy. Mediation Mode also turns your sauna to a perfect focus pod as it sets the temperature to 45 degrees for 30 minutes.
Approved air
Our HEPA high efficiency air filter will keep your air the best quality.
Low EMF Nano Carbon Crystal Technology
our low use of EMF and ELF Nano Carbon Crystal Heaters means that your safety is guaranteed with our microscopic particles